NEXCOM Bulgaria has a remarkable corporate history dating from 1998. While in 2001 the company had 40 people employed, today the number of the employees is over 200, with approximately 100 of those being employed in the past 2 years.
The company’s way has been marked with many successes from its very beginning:

- Nexcom is the first operator in the country to offer a VoIP phone service to the corporate segment in 1999.

- Nexcom has built its own national network for voice transfer and own network in Eastern Europe.

- Nexcom opens the first private call shops in the country for low-cost phone calls - @LO.

- The company wins a license for the wireless technology “point-to-multipoint”, known as WiMAX, and for the building of own national WiMAX network

- Nexcom becomes a full right  member  of WiMAX Forum – the organization of all companies that develop the WiMAX technology

- Nexcom is the first operator in Bulgaria to start the commercial offering of WiMAX in the beginning of 2007.

- Nexcom receives an ISO 9001:2000 certificate for successfully implemented and applied quality management system

- At the end of 2007 Nexcom attracted Intel Capital and MCI Management as main investors and partners.

- At the moment, Nexcom has the most developed WiMAX network in the country, which now covers 30 locations

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