• NEXCOM owns both an international and national network for voice transfer with guaranteed capacity, speed and quality of connections. At the beginning of 2006 the voice transfer capacity of the own network was significantly extended which serves to guarantee the higher quality of the service.

• NEXCOM develops its own data transfer network, which is used for all services, offered by NEXCOM, in particular for the WiMAX network. WiMAX is a standardized wireless technology enabling the delivery of broadband access at great distances. WiMAX technology allows building of urban wireless network for exceptionally short terms.

• Customers can get current information, technical advice and recommendations by contacting our hot line +2 4901490 twenty-four-hour a day and rely on an excellent technical support.

• The company has offices in 19 cities and 19 @LO call shops within the whole country. 

• NEXCOM offers to its customers a broadband internet access, phone services with class 5 features absolutely independent from the incumbent operator and later it will also offer multimedia services (TV, video on demand, etc). NEXCOM offers a complete alternative of the services proposed by the incumbent operator – broadband internet and telephone.


WiMAX by Nexcom

Broadband internet with guaranteed quality, security and reliability at competitive prices


Fixed phone service with own phone numbers from Nexcom


Building of virtual private networks for the needs of your business
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