Corporate history

NEXCOM was founded as a company, 100% owned by the US operator NEXCOM Telecommunications LLC.

Nexcom registers the first VoIP telephony service, targeted at the corporate sector - EasyCall® Connect™.

Nexcom starts the building of its own network in Eastern Europe.

NEXCOM built direct optical connectivity between Sofia and London and installed its own equipment in Telehouse, where the networks of the biggest European hosting centers are managed.

NEXCOM launched Easycard - the first prepaid card for low-cost telephone calls in Bulgaria.

NEXCOM gave its subscribers the opportunity to make calls to mobile operators in Bulgaria.

NEXCOM opens the first private phone call shops in the country. This is a particularly good service for those people who do not have home phones or those whose phones do not allow tone dialing.

NEXCOM has established communication centers in London, New York and Frankfurt and is connected to the biggest telecoms worldwide such as France Telecom, KPN, IDT, MCI-World Com, etc.

NEXCOM was issued an ‘Individual license for building, maintaining and utilizing a fixed telephone network and provision of a voice service on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria’ by the Communications Regulation Commission. The license is valid for 20 years. 

The other type of license, granted to NEXCOM, was a license for access to a voice telephone service through Carrier Selection – which means that subscribers have the choice to decide which operator to use for each of their calls by dialing the operator’s prefix 01010 before the wished phone number.

NEXCOM signed an agreement with Globul, Mobiltel and BTC, which allows the operators’ subscribers to call directly subscribers of NEXCOM and vice versa. 

NEXCOM launched the service 1010 (carrier selection). Thus clients receive free access to NEXCOM’s network for international and long-distance calls. This is possible by dialing the prefix 01010 before the local or international number.
NEXCOM received a license for the new wireless technology “Point-to-Multipoint” that entitles the company to build and develop a national WiMAX network for a period of 10 years.

NEXCOM started offering a new fixed telephone service with telephone numbers from the numbering plan of NEXCOM, which allows the replacement of the existing subscriber posts,  provided by the incumbent operator.

NEXCOM became a full member of WiMAX Forum –an organization whose members are companies developing WiMAX worldwide.

At the end of October 2006 NEXCOM transferred its whole traffic to its own data transfer network.

NEXCOM built its own WiMAX network based on equipment certified by the WiMAX Forum.

NEXCOM chose Alvarion, the broadband wireless market share leader in the world, to be the supplier of its WiMAX equipment.

NEXCOM was the first telecom operator in Bulgaria to offer WiMAX services commercially – wireless internet, telephone, leased lines, VPN and MAN, within cities as well as between them. The first cities of WiMAX are Sofia and Sofia district, Bansko, Razlog, Dobrinishte, Burgas, Nesebar, Sunny Beach and Sveti Vlas.

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