NEXCOM Bulgaria LLC is wholly owned by the US telecoms company NEXCOM Telecommunications LLC, which was the fifth operator in the world to develop the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology.

NEXCOM Telecommunications LLC is the leading provider of internet telephony and integrated communication services in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has regional offices in 10 countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Albania and Bulgaria) and its management is based in the USA.

Through strategic partnerships with leading telecoms such as France Telecom, KPN, IDT, MCI-World Com etc, NEXCOM has proven to be the main provider of internet-based communication solutions in the region.

The company possesses and maintains two Network Operations Centers in Eastern Europe. NEXCOM’s multinational team combines the western standard of work and the management skills with local knowledge and identification of specific skills and talent.


Nexcom Telecommunications’ subsidiaries

Hermes Phone Founded in 2001, Hermes Phone offers low-cost high-quality telecommunication services to Central and Eastern Europe for end users in the USA, Canada and the UK.

EyeBill Interactive Solutions together with Sirma AI Ltd offer development and sale of specialized web-based billing software.

WiMAX by Nexcom

Broadband internet with guaranteed quality, security and reliability at competitive prices


Fixed phone service with own phone numbers from Nexcom


Building of virtual private networks for the needs of your business
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