About Nexcom

National Palace of Culture

For more than a year the National palace of culture has used Nexcom Bulgaria LLC as the only VoIP operator in Sofia and Bulgaria and by now we have relied on the expertise, professionalism and diversity of technical solutions that our partner offers to us.

Eng. Chavdar Dimitrov         
Deputy General Manager
National Palace of Culture

ProCredit Bank

We express our satisfaction with our cooperation with Nexcom Bulgaria LLC. On the basis of our existing relations we recommend the company as a correct and reliable partner in the sphere of telecommunications.

Georgi Georgiev
IT Manager 

The Embassy of the Republic of Argentina

The Embassy of the Republic of Argentina gives this recommendation in order to express its satisfaction with the services, provided by Nexcom Bulgaria LCC. The Embassy has numerous and long communications on a daily basis with Argentina, with mobile telephones in the country and abroad, as well as long-distance and local calls. This is why the services of a company like Nexcom Bulgaria LLC are vital for the normal functioning of the embassy’s work. Except for that, through Nexcom we realize a significant economy of the expenses. 
Moreover, it is very convenient for us that the company offers a hot line in case of communication disturbances. In such cases, the employees of Nexcom have always responded quickly and effectively to solve the problem.
In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that we would not hesitate to recommend the services of Nexcom Bulgaria LLC because of the guaranteed quality.  

Rumiana Zlateva
Communications Department


As a result of the installation, done by Nexcom we succeeded in reducing our telephone bills by around 30-35% at the average and we think that the service should be applied on the territory of the whole company so that we can make the best use of it and achieve the optimum result. The quality that the company offers to us is at a high technological level and the service is practically the same as the traditional telephony.
We think that Nexcom is a partner, who deserves our trust.


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