Legal disclaimer

Terms and conditions for the use of the internet page of Nexcom Bulgaria LLC and services through it

1. These terms shall be applicable and valid for Nexcom Bulgaria LLC (referred to hereunder as NEXCOM) and for everyone (referred to hereunder as the USER) using the Internet Page of NEXCOM or/and the services offered through it.

Providing access to the internet page (referred to hereunder as the PAGE) of NEXCOM, the USER gives his/her consent with the terms and conditions for its usage.

2. The contents of the page including documents, materials, projects, advertising messages, compilations, etc (referred to hereunder as – information/materials), intended for direct audio or /and visual perception or for free or paid download by a USER and their recordings on hard or optical discs and other devices for single and multiple recording as well as saving of information electronically, is treated as object of copyrights belonging to NEXCOM and makes use of all protective mechanisms as stipulated by the Bulgarian Copyright and Related Rights Law on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria and extra-territorial protection as stipulated by the International agreements to which Republic of Bulgaria is a party.

3. The reproduction, transfer, distribution or saving of a part or the whole contents regardless of the format, without a preliminary permission by NEXCOM (with the exception of the preliminary published information/materials for free download or saving) is forbidden except for the cases when this is done in accordance with these terms or/and the purposes set with this contents.

4. NEXCOM gives its permission to every USER to review the PAGE as he/she uses their personal or business computer configuration or/and to print copies of extracts from the PAGE only for personal use but the USER is not allowed to distribute the information/materials unless this was allowed officially by NEXCOM.

5. It is possible some information/materials from the PAGE to be subject to additional conditions specified in them or indicative messages for access to them.

6. NEXCOM allows the use of the PAGE and its contents only for personal not commercial goals. Using information/materials from the Page for the needs of the mass media communications (no limitations for the kind of media) as well as using information/materials which a priori were intended for announcing by NEXCOM, is allowed, provided the information source is indicated in appropriate and usual for the respective media way.

7. NEXCOM submits the page and its contents to USERS only with the purpose of convenience as it keeps for itself the right to reconsider the page or stop the access to it at any time. NEXCOM shall not be liable for the circumstance that the page will be incessantly available to USERS or there won’t be any errors. NEXCOM is liable there won’t be and could not be any errors regarding those materials/information published on the Page due to an explicit law obligation, licence obligation or registration obligation or directions, recommendation or imposed commitments having an applicable competence issued by a competent state authority in the Republic of Bulgaria or the European Union.

8. When observing the statements from the previous item, NEXCOM won’t bear responsibility for any direct or indirect, accidental, special or subsequent damages, profits lost or business break-downs suffered by the user as a result of the usage or the impossibility to use the internet page even when NEXCOM has been notified about any possibilities for damages. In any case the responsibility of NEXCOM for damages according to the current paragraph should be taken as restricted to a maximum size, provided by the active Bulgarian or EU law.

9. NEXCOM could publish links on its Page leading to certain internet pages owned or managed independently by third parties (referring to the current rules). When directing to other internet pages through links from the Page, the USER should review and accept the terms of every one page (if such acceptance is required) before using it. Every USER should be aware and have in mind that NEXCOM has not control over the contents of other internet pages and won’t bear nor assume any responsibility arising from the information/contents created or/and published by third parties mentioned in this paragraph. Last but not least the presence of links to other internet pages (pages which do not belong to NEXCOM nor they are managed by NEXCOM), does not mean that NEXCOM approves products or services stated in those internet pages neither the access to the information to or from this page is guaranteed against unauthorized access to the computer configuration of the USER.

10. Through sending information/materials to the server of NEXCOM and also through sending e-mails, direct access or filling in electronic forms on the Page, every USER agrees on the following:

10.1 The sent information/materials shall not contain any elements that are illegal or in some way inappropriate for publishing (immoral, mocking, dishonouring, etc);

10.2 The USER will take “deserved care” of checking and removing computer viruses, other harmful or destructive components before sending the information/materials. To avoid a contradiction, the phrase “Deserved care” is referred to the usage of automatically updating personal or corporate antivirus programme with acknowledged protection level as well as firewall;

10.3 The USER won’t make legal claims in the future against NEXCOM regarding the information/materials sent for free and voluntarily. The USER would compensate NEXCOM if a third party fulfills its legal rights and interests against NEXCOM regarding the sent information/materials by the USER.

11. NEXCOM shall not review information/materials sent by USERS, neither has it legal grounds to edit the information/materials, respectively it does not take responsibility regarding their contents. NEXCOM warns that if any reasonable suspicions/complaints/requests occur by USERS who have noticed embarrassing, insulating, dishonoring information/materials which happen to be confirmed after checking, they will be at once removed from the Page without a compromise.

12. НЕКСКОМ and NEXCOM are registered trade marks of Nexcom-Bulgaria LLC, as stipulated by the Bulgarian law of trade marks and geographical indications. The access of USERS to the Page should not be interpreted as acquiring or depriving of objection grounds of any licences, registrations, certificates or rights to use any marks, presented on the Page, without a preliminary written allowance by NEXCOM or their owner (in cases when the owner is a third party regarding the current rules).

13. NEXCOM uses online forms on the Page for sending enquiries. These forms are not mandatory for filling by anybody. Provided that the USER wants to use an online enquiry form he/she fills in the online form at their desire and sends it to NEXCOM. Contact information for replies is required by the USER in the process of filling. The received information is used by NEXCOM only and solely for sending a reply to the enquiry made by the USER.

14. NEXCOM uses access register which includes IP addresses, internet browser type used but the USER, ISP, analysis and recommendations pages, platform type, date, hour and number of visits. These data are used by NEXCOM for administering users’ traffic and gathering information about the complete usage of the Page. It should be mentioned that the IP data are not connected with personal identification information.

15. NEXCOM organized surveys and contests through the Page. The participation in those surveys and contests happens only with the desire of the USER and the information is given voluntarily to NEXCOM. NEXCOM administers the information given by the USER only with the purpose to notify in a proper way the winners in the surveys and contests. Every USER of the Page, who takes part in those surveys or contests, agrees the information given to NEXCOM through surveys and contests, to be used by the latter for monitoring of the Page and improving its awareness.

16. The USER understands and gives his/her consent that NEXCOM has the right to seek information about the name or e-mail of the person receiving information sent through the feature “Send to a friend” from the Page.

17. NEXCOM has the right to send information about the services offered by the company through an online information bulletin, to which USERS have been online subscribed via e-mail. Every USER keeps the right to refuse further receiving of this information as he/she declares this by clicking on a certain unsubscribing link. NEXCOM confirms communication with USERS of the Page through e-mails to notify the latter about its services and innovations.

18. The Page contains online application form for work at Nexcom, where the applicants fill in voluntarily and individually their data, information about the position they are applying for and other information referring to professional experience and skills. The information is administered only with the purpose to contact the applicants who have submitted their applications and are appropriate to take the free positions at the company.

19. NEXCOM keeps the right to freely reconsider whether and when to change the politics for information discretion about the usage of the Page. NEXCOM shall publish every applicable change on the Page so that every USER can take “deserved care” of his/her own rights and interests to be informed about gathering, using and revealing information. All the information sent by the USER, classified as personal data, is given voluntarily and the USER could choose whether these data to be used or not in the new way.

NEXCOM guarantees to use the personal information only according to the terms and conditions that are valid at the moment of its gathering.

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