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Nexcom - Bulgaria is a leader in the supply of telecommunications solutions and follows the latest trends in the customer service and support. To meet the high requirements for secure access to information, interactive payments and new notification methods, the company developed a service for identification and notification of customers via SMS for its partners.

The SMS service of Nexcom-Bulgaria serves as a tool for direct communication with customers. It allows sending notifications for on-line payments, reminders for upcoming events or helps the arrangements of advertising campaigns.
The business customers of Nexcom-Bulgaria can regulate the access to on-line resources or protect them from harmful actions by third parties.

For this purpose a randomly generated by the operator digit-letter code is used, which is sent as a SMS message to the mobile number of the end-user via the SMS server of Nexcom. The end-user receives access to the service offered by the operator, using the digit-letter code, which is identified by the system of the operator.

The service for identification and notification of customers via SMS message is appropriate for organizations operating with Internet banking, online payments, providing access to confidential and / or paid information, obligations reminders, etc.

Characteristics of the service:

X86 based server; OS –Linux; Disk redundancy – RAID

Layer 3 connectivity between the system of the operator and the SMS server of Nexcom. The connectivity is provided by Nexcom and could be built via WiMAX, MAN or leased line.

IP restriction access, https authorization, certificates

The service is available for end users, customers of mobile operators in more than 200 countries, including M-Tel, Globul, and Vivatel. 

The message’s length may be up to 160 symbols.

Real time statistics, generation of reports on the usage, number of sent, received and undelivered sms messages, the number and types of users.
The service is with 24-hour support, 356 days a year.

For more information about the service, please write at, , or call +359 2 490 1 490.

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