Frequently asked questions

Who can port a number to Nexcom?
Every physical or legal entity with a telephone line located in one of the cities covered by the network of Nexcom can port a number to Nexcom. Customers should possess high-quality internet access (LAN, cable, DSL or WiMAX). If there is no available internet access Nexcom could build IP connection.

Can users choose how to use the service?
Every user can choose how to use the service – as a subscription plan or by choosing a tariff plan with minutes included for phone calls to Bulgaria fixed networks, EU fixed networks, USA and Canada.

Is it possible to port more than one fixed number?
It is possible to port one fixed number as well as a group of numbers or some of them.

Do I pay for the number portability?
For each ported number users pay a single consumer fee to the value of 5 BGN to the current provider.

What is the portability procedure and how long does it take?
The portability procedure includes a series of activities obligatory for a successful portability. The number portability is expected to long for maximum 25 calendar days after the certificate has been produced.
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In what cases the number portability to Nexcom is not possible:

- when customers are nor located in a city covered by the network of Nexcom
- if customers have not paid their obligations to the previous telephone operator
- if the number is not active
- if the portability application form is not signed by the titular of the telephone line or by an entitled representative
- if there isn’t a technical possibility
- if customers don’t have high-quality internet access
- if the portability application form or the certificate are not valid
- if subscribers have used the service of the current provider for less than 3 months
- if the numbers written in the portability application form are not by the same type – prepaid or postpaid
- others
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How long does the physical portability take?
The telephone numbers are expected to be transferred within 8 hours or within one working day. The telephone service could be disconnected for 1 hour maximum.

During phone calls is there a signal notifying that the dialed number has been ported to other network?
When dialing a transferred number callers hear a short sound signal and subsequently they hear a free or busy tone.

Can numbers such as 0700, 0800 be ported?
Yes, they can.

When do I choose a subscription plan?
Upon signing a 12-month contract with Nexcom for providing fixed telephone service.

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