Portability procedure

You can port Your number to the network of Nexcom quickly and easily!

We will consult You and help You during the whole process of preparation and application to facilitate You at a maximum extent.

To port a number to the network of Nexcom, You need to get acquainted with the portability procedure and to follow it:

- Please state Your interest at tel. 0800 41 000 or at any of our offices
- Visit an office of Your current provider to submit a written sample application form to state Your interest in number portability. The application form should be signed by the titular of the telephone line or by an entitled representative
- Thus You put an end to the contract with Your current provider
- For each ported number You have to pay to Your current provider a single consumer fee to the value of 5 BGN
- The obligations to Your operator have to be paid when submitting the application
- For a period of up to 2 days Your current operator has to produce a portability certificate
- Visit an office of Nexcom to submit the certificate
- Nexcom has to build IP connection if You don’t have internet access
- Nexcom will contact You to define a date for the number portability
- The number portability is expected to long for maximum 25 calendar days. Nexcom is ready to implement the physical portability for one working day

For more information check here.

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