Business Link internet

Business Link offers high-speed wireless internet via our own network with guaranteed bandwidth and speed. Nexcom is always conforms to the client’s individual requirements and offers the most effective and proper solution for its office or network of offices. The end client is accessed through our own data transfer network with national coverage, which guarantees the quality and reliability of the offered services.

The service is suitable for medium and large companies with intensive internet usage, internet providers, call centers, and etc.

• 100% guaranteed bandwidth, independent from the phone line
• Constant and unlimited usage with a fixed monthly fee
• Equipment from Nexcom
• Secure and reliable connection
• Access redundancy
• Opportunity for simultaneous support of hundreds of users
• Constant internet connection with rates from 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps
• Personalized solutions, additional services, bigger bandwidth
• Symmetric channel – the upload speed is equal to the download speed
• Equal access to local and international internet

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