WiMAX internet


Nexcom offers wireless WiMAX internet based on own WiMAX network.WiMAX technology is mainly used for wireless access to end clients, particularly for voice and data transfer covering long distances, internet access, and connection among offices, fax and multimedia.

Clients receive high speed wireless internet at reasonable prices through customer premises equipment (indoor or indoor) which is connected to a computer or a network of computers. WiMAX internet is suitable for small firms and residential customers.

Advantages of WiMAX:

• Fast building of internet connectivity
Wide coverage everywhere, especially in those areas where, under normal circumstances, the distance and terrain might otherwise pose a problem.
• Wireless internet, independent from phone lines
• Integrated solution – telephone and internet from a single provider
• Constant and unlimited internet access with a fixed monthly subscription
• Opportunity for complete and cost-effective replacement of the incumbent operator
• High speed connection and choice among rates of 1024 and 2048 kbps
• Quality of transfer, reliable and secure connection guaranteed by our own infrastructure
• Installation and siting of the customer equipment
• Many applications – internet, phone service, (TV and multimedia with a single device when the technology is available and provided by NEXCOM).
• Equal and easy access to local and international internet
• Symmetric channel – the upload speed is equal to the download speed
• 24 hour customer support team HELPDESK at 02/ 490 1 490
• Free equipment provided by NEXCOM for the contract period

Clients have the opportunity to use WiMAX internet together with a telephone from Nexcom at preferential conditions.
For more information visit wimax.nexcom.bg, send us an e-mail to sales@nexcom.bg, support@nexcom.bg or call us at +3592/490 1 490.

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