WiMAX internet

Nexcom offers wireless internet for residential clients via own WiMAX* network.

Clients use unlimited wireless internet at competitive prices. NEXCOM provides the customer with the connection to the users’ PC the connection to the internet is complete. Residential clients can choose from internet rates of 1024 or 2048 Kbps.

Through its own WiMAX network NEXCOM guarantees high quality of the service, data protection, stability and security.

The internet service can be successfully combined with the telephone service with a number from provided by NEXCOM. Thereby clients have one integrated communication service from one provider and they pay just one fee for the use of both internet and telephone.


• Fast internet connectivity
• High quality and reliability of data transfer, guaranteed by our own infrastructure
• Building of connectivity everywhere, even in distant and inaccessible locations
• Free equipment provided by NEXCOM for the contract period
• Portability of the provided equipment
• Easy to use
• Equal access to local and international internet
• Licensed frequency spectrum and services
• Customer support team HELPDESK 24/ 7/ 365 at 02/ 490 1 490

*WiMAX is a wireless technology, used for the provision of broadband internet connection, phone service and data transfer.

For more information visit wimax.nexcom.bg, write to sales@nexcom.bg, support@nexcom.bg or call us at +3592/490 1 490.

WiMAX by Nexcom

Broadband internet with guaranteed quality, security and reliability at competitive prices


Fixed phone service with own phone numbers from Nexcom


Building of virtual private networks for the needs of your business
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