The IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) service provides the full functionality of the standard telephone exchange, as in addition allows for the organization of the internal telephone posts regardless of their physical location.
Nexcom Bulgaria Llc aims to offer flexible and competitive solution for a telephone exchange of last generation. The service meets the specific communication needs of each organization with its adaptability, reliability, and capacity.

Features of the IP PBX:

• Automatic or manual shift mode "Do not disturb (DND)", "Forwarding a call(FWD)", "Follow up (FLW)", etc.;
• Music on forward or detention of call;
• Transfer a call (Transfer the current call to another internal number);
• Take a call (Answering a call made to other neighboring subscriber);
• Forward a number (by dialing a certain combination of numbers, subscribers can forward all incoming calls to another number;
• Conduct conference calls;
• Automatic input (all incoming calls are accepted by a single number)
• Automatic output (all numbers leave through a single number which can provide simultaneous use of all internal positions);
• Interactive voice response (IVR);
• Individual voicebox for each subscriber;
• Ability to conduct cheap international, long distance, and local calls, as well as installation of GSM Gateway module in order to reach maximal savings while connecting to a mobile operator;
• Addition of a phone number to the exchange, regardless of its location;
• Limitation of the outgoing calls – by the phone number, destination, duration, monthly limit, etc.;.
• Opportunities for web statistics in tabular and graphic form. Record of all telephone or fax calls.
• A lot of other custom properties.


• Saves costs for maintenance of physical exchange;
• Fast addition of remote offices, shops and workplaces in the presence of Internet connectivity;
• Reduced phone bills up to 50 - 70% (depends on the type and destination of calls);
• Optimizes external lines (reduced or replaced them with similar);
• Provides complete control of the telephone service - Statistics from the calls for each phone number limits, recording of calls and others.
• Allows for direct dialing of an internal number, without the need of an operator (secretary);
• Allows all available channels for electronic communication - voice, fax, e-mail and others.

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