Nexcom offers fixed telephone service through granting numbers from its numbering plan. Thus the clients get new telephone posts and numbers and the opportunity to choose a single provider for their telecommunication needs. The service allows clients to make long-distance and international calls as well as city calls and calls to mobile numbers in Bulgaria.

NEXCOM offers special preferences for clients who order more than one telephone posts for different offices.

The service is offered as a subscription plan. Calls are charged at the applicable rate and the total charge is based on the number of calls made monthly or depend on the applicable tariff plan, with a fixed number of minutes included.

Customers, who choose any of the tariff plans, prepay its value before they make calls. With this service clients do not pay subscription fees but only the amount due for the minutes they ordered. There is a surcharge at the end of the month only if the total calls duration exceeds the number of minutes ordered.



• Telephone numbers by Nexcom, with an options for the customer to keep his/her original phone number

Choice between
• Unlimited telephone calls that are postpaid
• Tariff plans

Cost Control
• All customers receive a receipt for the calls during the month

• Mobility of the used telephone numbers from Nexcom in case of change of address

• 24-hour technical support
• Clip function

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Price list - telephone with subscription
Price list - tariff plans

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