The long-awaited fixed number portability has become a reality! It enables all users of fixed telephone service to retain their fixed numbers when changing a telephone operator.

Port Your fixed numbers to the network of Nexcom and You will talk absolutely free of charge with all Your partners and employees in the network of Nexcom and will use significantly lower rates for city, long-distance, international calls and calls to mobile networks in Bulgaria!

If You port Your number to Nexcom You can choose how to use the fixed telephone service. Nexcom offers two types of usage: as a postpaid service with a subscription fee or as a tariff plan, including minutes for phone calls.

Fixed telephone service with a subscription fee

The fixed telephone with a subscription fee is suitable for those users who want to talk without restrictions within the taxed period. Afterwards the subscribers of the telephone service pay for the calls made during the period and a monthly subscription fee. Business users save 44% from their monthly subscription fee and use up to 33% lower rates for their calls.

Tariff plans with included minutes for the fixed telephone service

Users of the tariff plans of Nexcom don’t owe a monthly subscription fee. They pay only one monthly price for the minutes ordered for phone calls to fixed networks in Bulgaria, EU fixed networks, USA and Canada. The included minutes for each plan can be distributed between several telephone lines. After the minutes are finished they will talk at extremely preferential prices.


Conditions for number portability to the network of Nexcom:

- The customer has to be located in one of the cities covered by Nexcom
- High-quality access to internet is needed (LAN, cable, DSL or WiMAX)
- Keeping the number portability procedure
- Signing a 12-month contract with Nexcom for providing a fixed telephone service


Additional services

Nexcom has the opportunity to offer You an integrated telecommunication decision consistent with Your specific needs. In addition to the fixed telephone service we can offer You a whole range of services - telephone exchanges, broadband internet, provided with an own WiMAX network, IP connection building, virtual private network, MAN services, video surveillance, sms identification and notification. We are at Your disposal to consult You personally and to recommend the best variants for Your usage. If You decide to order an additional service Nexcom will give you a preferential discount.

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