WiMAX internet

Nexcom offers WiMAX services – high speed internet and telephone. Through the WiMAX technology Nexcom reaches the end clients by its own network. This guarantees the high quality and reliability of the services offered.

Developing wireless services via WiMAX is very important not only for the company's growth and internet and phone users but also for the development of telecommunications market in Bulgaria. Via WiMAX, Nexcom is already able to offer wireless telephone and internet everywhere, especially in those areas where, under normal circumstances, the distance and terrain might otherwise pose a problem. And the customers have the opportunity to receive internet, telephone and data transfer services by a single operator.

As a WiMAX internet user you get:
• Wireless internet, independent from the phone line
• High speed internet
• Unlimited usage, with a fixed monthly fee
• Activation of the service in a short time
• Equal access to local and international internet
• Easy installation and usage of the service at various locations

For more information visit wimax.nexcom.bg , send us an e-mail to sales@nexcom.bg, support@nexcom.bg or call us at +3592/490 1 490.

WiMAX by Nexcom

Broadband internet with guaranteed quality, security and reliability at competitive prices


Fixed phone service with own phone numbers from Nexcom


Building of virtual private networks for the needs of your business
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